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Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Aizen and his comrades, however a few years during his imprisonment, he escaped and with a new acquired power and resurrected his followers, a new war about to seige
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 Gama Kurogane

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PostSubject: Gama Kurogane   Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:25 pm

Name: Gama Kurogane

Zanpaktou name: Ryuku


Birthday:August 6

Actual Age: 321 years old

Visual Age: 15

Physical Information

Gender: Male

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 130 lbs

Gama is small for his age, speaking in terms of his body type. He is the average height of a thirteen year old, but lacks some of the upper body strength. However, he is not weak. His hair is very spiky, and it reaches passed his neck. The color of the hair looks as if it's a dark blue color. His eyes seem to be slightly smaller than others, and the eye color is brown.

Gama wears a purplish over shirt, with a blue under shirt. The over shirt is a very baggy shirt and the sleeves reach passed his elbows. The under shirt, is baggy as well, but the sleeves stop at the elbows. He wears red pants, that look similar to what a samurai would wear. These pants are loose and have to be held up with a belt, which is red. He carries two swords around with him, but only uses one at a time. He wears his head band around his neck. His shoes are brown and made to move fast in.

After the one year time skip gama has matured physicaly. Having a new lean cut body as a result of his training, he has grown taller, his hair has grown longer and flakey, His facial apperance has changed and matured slightly. He wears A new sleek purplish undershirt shirt with white lining and a white over shirt with the gote1 13 embelm on the side of the sleves and a white cape with the gotei 13 Emblem on the back and a pair of purplish battle gloves with red baggy pants.

Personal Information

Personality: He loves to fight, but he also loves messing around with people. He knows when he can play around and when he can get serious. He fights with his sword and is very skilled with them. He loves to eat, and will eat often. He will also choose food over money. Gama will do anything to prove that he is stronger than his opponent. After years gama has shown a more mature and calm yet quick tempered personality.

Likes: all types off food, girls, music, lame jokes, fights.

Dislikes: reading boring books ,

Family: dead.

Friends: he has enough friends, mayuri and gin

Skill Information

Rank: Squad Captain of Gotei 7

Specialization: Kidou and Shunpo

Kidou: All that is allowed for Captains

Hoho's: Shunpo. One step= 210 metres 


Before the Nuclear explosion:
It was late in the night around 7pm where gama had just finished his daily jog around the karakura high school to cool down after a long evening of fence practice. gama decided he should get going before his curfew which was 9'o clock, he quickly packed up his things in his bag and left for home. Since recently he had been hearing and seeing things, some of the things he heard were strange screams and he saw a monster with a white mask eating a person which he guessed where souls.
Gama went to the bust stop where he waited 10 minutes for a bus, he quickly got on the bus and was on his way home. The bus was full so he had to stand and hold on the back of seat until he reached his stop. While waiting on the he was remembering the day one of the white masked monsters started attacking him so he took out his fencing sword and slashed the beast on his mask and it cracked into two pieces killing it. the bus came to a stop where Gama quickly got out and walked up the driveway of his house. he entered the house by using his key, on reaching inside he found that the house was silent, he approached the refrigerator to see a note on the door , it read " dear son, your father and i had to go to the power plant to work on a project , so good night and i left your favorite meal in the microwave for you . lots of hugs and kisses." Gama went to the the micro wave to heat up the food and then he went upstairs to have a bath.

After bathing and putting on his favorite pajamas he went down stairs to eat his meal. he opened the microwave and indeed it was his favorite macaroni and cheese with sausages. he quickly devoured the meal within seconds , then he went to the kitchen sink to wash up the plates that was there. while washing the plates he heard the house phone ringing and the he washed his hands and answered the phone to see who it was . it was his mom he said " thanks mom for the delicious meal" she replied with a heavy and serious voice " put as much food from the main fridge to the fridge in the bomb shelter outside and put the generator, candles and anything you would need to survive." Gama replied "what mom i don't understand, she replied " there is something wrong at the power plant and there will be an explosion and i am sorry that your father and i will not make it home in time, i'm sorry we will not see you graduate out of high school and go to college, i'm sorry for everything that we will miss and have missed like your annual fencing championships and we weren't there resulting in lowering your spirits so you lost." Neos entered an emotional break down " mom its alright just promised that you'll come home, i love you mom" " i love you son and take care of yourself bye." the phone hung up abruptly and neos was on the ground crying then he said to himself she will come home, i must do what she says so he got up whipped the tears from his eyes and began storing food into the fridge and water supply, he brought some cushions from the sofa, matches, candles, flashlights, a mattress from his room, some sheets and pillows and he waited down in the shelter for his mother and father.

During the Nuclear explosion:
Gama had been waiting in the shelter for over 30 minutes , he began pacing around the room until he decided to open the shelter hatch, when he was about to open the hatch the earth shook with a great force knocking him down on the ground into a coma. luckily he fell on the mattress so he did not receive any fatal injures.

After the Nuclear explosion:
After three days he woke up from his coma, he tried to remember what happened and he couldn't but the last thing he remembered was that he tried to open the hatch then he fell to the ground. so he decide he must have been in an coma. His supplies eventually depleted and when his supply was finished he died 3 days later.

Before the academy:
Gama grew up wealthy be his parents never knew why he didn’t speak much. Gama knew that he had money but he still wasn’t happy he wanted much more. He was smart and pretty much knew what was good.Gama’s family went from rich to poor after his dads death. He wanted to become a shingami to protect others and do for his family.

Entering the academy:
When Neos was accepted a slight grin came across his face.During his first week he saw other kids using Kido. This Neos didn’t take much of a liking to he wanted to be skilled in using the sword and sword only not using kido.

During the academy:
Gama was one of the top 10 students. He knew others would be better than him due to his lack of learning kido but he knew that only using the sword and not using kido will put him at a disadvantage in battle so he made up his mind and grew a liking to it and learned to fight better mixing his fencing skills with regular swordsmanship Gama begin to over power other students.

Trial into his division:
Gama was was put to the test along with 13 other students for a spot in division 7. He was determined to make it out of the academy one way or another. He took a lot for beating and was put through a lot but he proved his worthiness and was soon move into gotei 13,7th division. That day he was accepted he smiled for the first time anyone had seen.

Becoming Captain:
After 200 years of being in the squad he moved along the ranks and became the vice-captain of the squad. He mastered shunpo after years if training. He then tested his strength on his captain during the annual test were the captain test their squad members and killed him.

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PostSubject: Re: Gama Kurogane   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:00 pm

fix your history, the espada never killed any captain of the 13 divisions, therefore that part of your history is void.
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PostSubject: Re: Gama Kurogane   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:13 pm

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Takashi Kyosuke

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PostSubject: Re: Gama Kurogane   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:21 pm

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Gama Kurogane
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